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Shaivistic Wicca


Welcome to the Home of Shaivistic Wicca.

Atmadadhikam kim asti tattcam.
Is there anything greater than the self?
Caitanyam Atma
Universal Consciousness is the nature of one's own Self.
Cidvat tacchaktisamkocat mala vrtah smasari
Universal Consciousness [Citi], because of contraction, becomes an ordinary being, subject to limitations.

With great joy and reverence we welcome you to our site.   Your presence here we hope will be informative as well as inspirational.   We hope that you will come away from this site with a new and refreshed out look on life.  We also would like you to feel free to comment or add your own experience that we may benefit from our meeting as well. 

We are, as our name implies, a Wiccan tradition.   As a Wiccan tradition, we observe the 8 Sabbaths of the year as well as full moons.  We have a general ritual format that we feel is specifically Wiccan.  This point is about were we make our brake from traditional Wicca.  Wicca, for us, is merely a framework.  It is the skeleton which is the foundation of our faith.  The main portion of our spiritual inspiration comes from a Hindu tradition called Shaivism.  Shaivism can be simply explained to be the worship of Siva. 

We a newly forming tradition and a newly evolving one, that seeks to blend two traditions and help influence the greater Pagan community.  As we are a new tradition we are creating this blend as we go.  So the influences can come from anywere or anyone.  We hope you will be inspired by our journey to seek out the creative truth found in all beings animate and inanimate. 

So once again, we welcome you, Shiva. Yours is the whole of the Universe, for the Universe is all you are.

Om Nama Shivaya 


Worship Calandar

I will anounce this soon.


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