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Shaivistic Wicca

Ritual for Shaiva Wiccan Yule


I.                    Set up

a.       Supplies

                                                                                                   i.      A white candle for each participant

1.      The candle represents the individual soul or jiva.

2.      A large black candle engraved with Om Nama Shivaya

3.      A small table with a black alter cloth

4.      An image or idyll of Shiva

5.      Incense with matches and holder

6.      Bowl with salt pitcher with Water and a glass or bowl to mix the Salt and water.

7.      Chapter 20 of the Ashtavahra Gita cut up into individual stanzas 1-14 as below.  If more than 14 participants, including the priest and priestess the cut into smaller stanzas as needed.  Hand out verses so that they will be read by all in the correct order.

b.      Alter set up

                                                                                                   i.      Place a black alter cloth on a small table in the center of the circle.  Place upon the alter a Single Black Candle etched with the mantra Om Nama Shivaya

                                                                                                 ii.      Also place an image of Shiva on the alter of some sort.  A Shiva lingam would do fine.  Explain that Shiva is the substance consciences and the Shakti is his energy and will.

c.       Suggested dress

                                                                                                   i.      Have the participants where something black and comfortable.  Also have them bring a pillow or something up which to meditate in a seated position.

II.                 Opening

a.       Have all stand in a circle around the alter.  Priest and Priestess stand across from each other with the alter in the middle.

b.      Call Ganesha

                                                                                                   i.      Priest Says Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha  3 times

                                                                                                 ii.      Priestess Says Oh Ganasha, You are the brilliance of millions of suns,  kindly remove the impediments from all our works

c.       Both Priest and Priestess Bless participants

                                                                                                   i.      Priest starts in the east and finishes in the west. 

                                                                                                 ii.      Priestess starts in the west and finishes in the east.

                                                                                                iii.      Touch right eye say Om Apo Jyothi

                                                                                               iv.      Touch left eye say   Raso Amtritam

                                                                                                 v.      Touch third eye say Brahman Bhur Bhuvaha Swaram

III.               Quarter Call

a.       3 participants intone the Manta element for each direction thereby making circle, raising energy and calling Quarters. For example, each should start one after the other the effect should be Ya, Ya, Ya, ending in a chorus, a sort of short round. 

b.      The First should draw the invoking pentagram for that Quarter.

c.       The Second should charge with purify with Water and Earth (Holy Saltwater from Saltwater ritual).

d.      The Third should charge with Fire and Air(burning incense)

e.       Make circle with Ya

f.        Call east saying Va

g.       Call south saying Shi

h.       Call west saying Ma

i.         Call north saying Na

j.        The three should join in Circle. All join hands and chant Om

IV.              Call Shiva/Parvati

a.       Say Om Shivaya Namaha Pujam Samarpayami

b.      Say Om Parvatiaya Namaha Pujam Samarpayami

V.                 Main Portion

a.       Light the center candle then light all the other candles from the center candle.  Pass out the Candles to the participants.  Do this while reading the following. 

b.      Read Chap 15 from the Ashtavakra Gita

                                                                                                   i.      Priestess

1.      The man who is pure of heart

2.      Is bound to fulfill himself

3.      In whatever way he is taught.

                                                                                                 ii.      Priest

1.      A worldy man seeks all his life,

2.      But is still bewilderd.

                                                                                                iii.      Priestess

1.      Detached from the senses,

2.      You are free

                                                                                               iv.      Priest

1.      Attached, you are bound.

                                                                                                 v.      Priestess

1.      When this is understood,

2.      You may live as you please.

                                                                                               vi.      Priest

1.      When this is understood,

2.      The man who is bright and busy

3.      And full of fine words

4.      Falls silent.

                                                                                              vii.      Priestess

1.      He does nothing.

2.      His is still.

                                                                                            viii.      Priest

1.      No wonder

2.      Those who wish to enjoy the world

3.      Shun this understanding!

                                                                                               ix.      Priestess

1.      You are not your body.

2.      Your body is not you.

                                                                                                 x.      Priest

1.      You are not the Doer.

2.      You are not the enjoyer.

                                                                                               xi.      Priestess

1.      You are pure awarness,

2.      The witness of all things.

                                                                                              xii.      Priest

1.      You are without expectation,

2.      Free

                                                                                            xiii.      Priestess

1.      Wherever you go, be happy!

                                                                                            xiv.      Priest

1.      Desire and aversion are of the mind.

2.      The mind is never yours.

3.      You are free of its turmoil.

4.      You are awareness itself,

5.      Never changing.

6.      Wherever you go,

7.      Be Happy!

                                                                                             xv.      Priestess

1.      For see!

2.      The Self is in all beings,

3.      And all beings are in the Self.

4.      Know you are free,

5.      Free of I,

6.      Free of mine,

7.      Be happy.

                                                                                            xvi.      Priest

1.      In you the worlds arise,

2.      Like waves in the sea.

3.      It is true!

4.      You are awareness itself.

5.      So free yourself

6.      From the fever of the world.

                                                                                          xvii.      Priestess

1.      Have faith, my Child, have faith,

2.      Do no be bewildered

3.      For you are beyond all things,

4.      The heart of all knowing.

5.      You are the Self

6.      You are God.

                                                                                         xviii.      Priest

1.      The body is confined

2.      By its natural properties

3.      It comes,

4.      It lingers awhile,

5.      It goes.

6.      But the Self neither comes nor goes.

7.      So why grieve for the body?

                                                                                            xix.      Priestess

1.      If the body lasted till the end of time,

2.      Or vanished today,

3.      What would you win or lose?

4.      You are pure awareness.

                                                                                             xx.      Priest

1.      You are the endless sea

2.      In whom all the worlds like waves

3.      Naturally rise and fall.

4.      You have nothing to win,

5.      Nothing to lose.

                                                                                            xxi.      Priestess

1.      Child,

2.      You are pure awareness,

3.      Nothing less.

4.      You and the world are one.

5.      So who are you to think

6.      You can hold on to it,

7.      Or let it go?

8.      How could you!

                                                                                          xxii.      Priest

1.      You are the clear space of awareness,

2.      Pure and still,

3.      In whom there is no birth,

4.      No activity,

5.      No I,

6.      You are one and the same.

7.      You cannot change or die.

                                                                                         xxiii.      Priestess

1.      You are in whatever you see.

2.      You alone.

3.      Just as bracelets and bangles

4.      And dancing anklets

5.      Are all of the same gold.

                                                                                        xxiv.      Priest

1.      I am not this

2.      I am He

3.      Give up such distinctions.

4.      Know that everything is the Self

5.      Rid yourself of all purpose.

6.      And be Happy.

                                                                                          xxv.      Priestess

1.      The world only arises from ignorance.

2.      You alone are real

3.      There is no one,

4.      Not even God,

5.      Separate from yourself.

                                                                                        xxvi.      Priest

1.      You are pure awareness

2.      The world is an illusion,

3.      Nothing more.

4.      When you understand this fully,

5.      Desire falls away.

6.      You find peace.

7.      For indeed!

8.      There is nothing.

                                                                                       xxvii.      Priestess

1.      In the ocean of being

2.      There is only one.

3.      You are already fulfilled.

4.      How can you be bound or free?

5.      Wherever you go,

6.      Be happy.

                                                                                     xxviii.      Priest

1.      Never upset your mind

2.      With yes or no.

3.      Be quiet.

4.      You are awareness itself.

5.      Live in the happiness

6.      Of you own nature,

7.      Which is happiness itself.

                                                                                        xxix.      Priestess

1.      What is the use of thinking?

2.      Once and for all,

3.      Give up meditation.

4.      Hold nothing in your mind.

5.      You are the Self,

6.      And you are free.

                                                                                          xxx.      Have each participant Read from cut up parts of Chp 20 of the Ashtavahra Gita.  After they read there last verse have them put out their own candle.  This represents the individuals dissolution into Shiva.

1.      1

a.       I am fulfilled.

b.      The elements of nature,

c.       The body and the sense,

d.      What are they to me?

e.       Or the mind?

f.        What is emptiness or despair?

2.      2

a.       What are holy books,

b.      Or knowledge of the Self,

c.       Or the mind,

d.      Even when it is of the senses?

e.       Or happiness,

f.        Or freedom from desire?

g.       I am always

h.       One without two.

3.      3

a.       Knowledge or ignorance,

b.      Freedom or bondage,

c.       What are they?

d.      What is I,

e.       Or mine,

f.        Or this?

g.       Or the form of the true Self?

4.      4

a.       I am always one.

b.      What do I care for freedom

c.       In life or in death,

d.      Or for my present karma?

5.      5

a.       I am always

b.      Without I.

c.       So where is the one who acts or enjoys?

d.      And what is the rising

e.       Or the vanishing of the thought?

f.        What is the invisible world,

g.       Or the visible?

6.      6

a.       In my heart I am one.

b.      What is this world?

c.       Who seeks freedom,

d.      Or wisdom or oneness?

e.       Who is bound or free?

7.      7

a.       In my heart I am one.

b.      What is creation,

c.       Or dissolution?

d.      What is seeking,

e.       And the end of Seeking?

f.        Who is the seeker?

g.       What has he found?

8.      8

a.       I am forever pure.

b.      What do I care who knows,

c.       What is known,

d.      Or how it is known?

e.       What do I care for knowledge?

f.        What do I care what is,

g.       Or what is not?

9.      9.

a.       I am forever still.

b.      What are joy or sorrow,

c.       Distraction or concentration,

d.      Understanding or delusion?

10.  10

a.       I am always without thought.

b.      What is happiness or grief?

c.       What is here and now,

d.      Or beyond?

11.  11

a.       I am forever pure

b.      What is illusion,

c.       Or the world?

d.      What is the little soul,

e.       Or God Himself?

12.  12

a.       One without two,

b.      I am always the same.

c.       I sit in my heart.

13.  13

a.       What need is there

b.      For striving or stillness?

c.       What is freedom or bondage?

d.      What are holy books or teachings?

e.       What is the purpose of life?

f.        Who is the disciple,

g.       And who is the master?

14.  14

a.       For I have no bounds.

b.      I am Shiva.

c.       Nothing arises in me,

d.      In whom nothing is single,

e.       Nothing is double.

f.        Nothing is,

g.       Nothing is not.

h.       What more is there to say?

                                                                                        xxxi.      Start Meditation.  Meditate for about 10 minutes.  If longer inform the participant how long.  An hour is ideal but most cannot currently meditate for an hour.

                                                                                       xxxii.      Ring bell three times.  Start ending music. 

                                                                                     xxxiii.      End by saying

1.      We are Father and Mother

2.      We are Relative and Friend

3.      We are Wisdom and Wealth

4.      We are everything, God Supreme

5.      Everything which We may have done through thought, word, or deed, through habit or Karma,

6.      We offer to ourselves, The Lord of all Forms

7.      Lead us from unreality to reality

8.      From darkness to light

9.      From Death to Immortality

10.  Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

VI.              Thank Shiva/Parvati

VII.            Release Quarters

a.       Chant Om for a few seconds.

b.      Release north Na

c.       Release west Ma

d.      Release South Shi

e.       Release East Va

f.        Release Circle Ya

VIII.         Finish


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